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The following contest ingredients as follows:
  1. Apple Mix Powder
  2. Oligosaccharides
  3. Soy Lecithin
  4. Psyllium Husk
  5. Isolated Soy Protein
  6. Grape Seed Powder
  7. Apple Fiber
  8. Oil Palm Fiber
  9. Citrimax
  10. L-Glutamine
  11. Green Tea Extract
  12. Aloe Vera Extract

Apple Mix Powder

Apples are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minor elements, among which, the content of VA and carotin are really high. Moreover, they have abundant water-soluble food fiber-pectin, which can be used to protect intestinal walls, activate useful bacteria within intestines, adjust gastrointestinal functions, as well as to absorb moisture, eliminate constipation, stabilize blood sugar, beautify the skin, adsorb gall and cholesterol, and whose effect on preventing hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia, cleaning up intestinal tracts and preventing colorectal cancer.
Research indicates consuming whole apples can help prevent cell and tissue damage, fight cancer, protect the heart, and help keep the lungs healthy, reduce cholesterol, speed up gastrointestinal healing and slow the aging process.


An oligosaccharide is a saccharide polymer containing a small number of component sugars, also known as simple sugars. Recent evidence that fructooligosaccharides (FOS) enhance bifidobacteria in the gut as well as increase production of short chain fatty acids has increased interest in oligosaccharides. Isolated oligosaccharides are now available for incorporation into functional foods and have been added to medical foods and foods such as dairy products and desserts. Clinical trials are underway to document the health-promoting properties of oligosaccharides.

Soy Lecithin (95% Soy Lecithin)

Soy Lecithin is a fatty substance manufactured in the body and widely found in many animal and plant based foods, including eggs, liver, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat germ. Lecithin it helps blend (or emulsify) fats with water. Lecithin is also available in supplement form. Soy Lecithin origin country is from China.
Soya lecithin (the commercial kind of lecithin) has been popular through the years as a supplement taken for the purpose of fighting cholesterol, supporting liver health, and promoting weight loss. Soy lecithin is also to prevent fats from accumulating in the liver by keeping the fats dispersed in water. Because it is rich in choline which increases the metabolism of fats, lecithin has been seen to be effective in weight loss. It helps in burning and in the breakdown of fats so that they do not get stored in the body, but used as a source of energy.

Psyllium Husk (98% Fibre)
Psyllium seed husks, also known as ispaghula or simply as psyllium, are portions of the seeds of the plant Plantago or Plantago ovata., native to India. Psyllium seed husk is a dietary fiber from Plantago ovata that increases stool weight and promotes laxation by its presence in stool and by increasing the moisture content of stool.
It may help with weight loss control healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels. This heavy dose of dietary fiber makes psyllium husk the choice of many who manufacture dietary fiber supplements and powders like Metamucil. Although most associate psyllium husk with improving digestion, clinical studies on isphagula have also shown that it is beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol.

Isolated Soya Protein

Isolated Soya Protein is a good vegetable source of high quality complete protein that is very low in fat and carbohydrates and contains an excellent amino acid profile. It contribute calcium and magnesium to the diet and help to reduces the risk of constipation.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed (Vitis vinifera L) has been used as a dietary source of essential fatty acids and tocopherols and as an antioxidant. Grape seed had been used for its liver protective effects, to improve circulation (including conditions such as varicose veins, bruising, swelling, and decreased vision), and to improve skin tone and elasticity.
Grape Seed is a known source of the antioxidant OPC, which is very powerful in helping to prevent heart disease, stop tissue degeneration, and treat diseases like psoriasis and eczema. The benefit of grape seed powder is that it can reduce the risk for cancer, which can be caused in part by free radical damage.

Apple Fiber

Apple Fiber is said to be a natural way to promote normal cholesterol and maintain blood-sugar levels, as well as support healthy blood pressure levels. Apple Fiber is a great way to regulate bowels and help normalize bowel function, preventing both constipation and diarrhea. It also works as a colon cleanser to remove toxic substances from the colon and support overall healthy colon function. Apple Fiber is a great way to maintain healthy digestion and helps to inhibit absorption of many carcinogenic toxins.
Apple Fiber has the effect of binding certain antioxidant, disease-causing compounds in the colon and helping to speed their elimination from the body. The fiber assists the body in removing toxic metals (such as lead, mercury and strontium) from the system without being absorbed into the body and thereby cleanses and protects the colon from serious problems, including malignant disease.

Oil Palm Fiber

Oil Palm Trunk Dietary Fiber (OPF) is extracted from fiber enriched oil palm trunk. With this technology, it is proven that oil palm trunk contain more than 70% of dietary fiber.
Palm oil’s superior nutritional qualities have made it a preferred ingredient in a broad variety of foods. Vitamin E antioxidants in palm oil are beneficial in the health and food industries as an anti-aging and anti-cancer tool. Oil palm fibre is also easily digested, absorbed and utilized in normal metabolic processes. It benefits is can lowering blood cholesterol level, normalizing blood sugar level, maintaining a healthy digestive system, preventing colon cancer.

Citrimax (Garcinia Cambogia)

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit that resembles a miniature pumpkin. It is indigenous to India and parts of Asia, and an extract from its fruit and rind is popular in many natural weight loss products. The extract is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), claimed to suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning.
Studies have shown that HCA decreases the activity of an essential enzyme in metabolism of fat. The conversion of carbohydrates into fat requires an enzyme called citrate lyase. HCA temporarily reduces the action of this enzyme, blocking the production of fatty acids making less fat available for cellular storage. HCA increases the production and storage of glycogen while reducing both appetite and weight gain. HCA also causes extra calories to be consumed as thermogenisis is enhanced.

L-glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in the bloodstream. It is important for building proteins and other amino acids. It is used in the gut and immune system extensively to maintain optimal performance. 60% of free-form amino acids floating in skeletal muscles is L-glutamine.
It is a major fuel sources for the brain and together with its relatives the stimulant neurotransmitter. Glutamic acid the most abundant amino group in the human brain. Glutamine is also an important fuel source for enterocytes and supports intestinal maintenance and normal function, Glutamine role in DNA synthesis and serves as a primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle tissues. Glutamine plays a vital role to building and maintenance of muscle tissue. Glutamine helps the body maintain a healthy balance and necessary for making and repairing cells.

Green Tea Extract 

Green tea is a type of tea made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis, that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan to the Middle East.
Green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer. Green tea has also been claimed useful for weight loss management. Besides, it also can stopping certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, preventing/treating cancer, treating multiple sclerosis, preventing the degradation of cell membranes, reducing the negative effects of LDL cholesterol bad cholesterol by lowering levels of triglycerides and increasing the production of HDL cholesterol good cholesterol and increasing fat oxidation (helps the body use fat as an energy source) and raising metabolism.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera, also known as the Medicinal Aloe, is a species of succulent plant that probably originated in northern Africa. Aloe Vera has been recognised for centuries for its remarkable health-enhancing properties. Aloe vera is said to facilite digestion, aid in blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as kidney, liver and gall bladder functions. Aloe vera origin country is from USA.
Aloe Vera is very useful in the medicinal way, it is said to be an important part in the treatment of bronchial congestion. It is also good for digestive problems such as constipation. The Aloe Vera plant is very beneficial to the health in the form of the liver, ulcers, hemorrhoids and colon conditions


Certificate Of Halal Product By Halal Food Council International

Certificate Of Analysis By ChemVi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.


Cara Pengambilan:
Campurkan 1paket Shape Plus ke dalam 200ml air biasa kacau dan minum selepas sarapan pagi
Untuk mendapat kesan yang cepat dan bagus:
  • minum sekurang-kurangnya 2.5liter - 3liter air sehari
  • elakkan makan malam (selepas pukul 7pm)


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Price RM120/box (10sachets) OFFER price RM240/3box (30sachet/month consume)
Jimat RM120 Beli sekarang dan hantarkan gambar testimoni anda kepada company untuk mendapat 3kotak percuma yang berharga RM360.
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Selesaikan Masalah Gemuk,Selulit & Perut Buncit dengan Hanya sepaket sehari..Rasanya yang sedap & enak membantu membakar semangat anda untuk terus mengambil Shape Plus sehingga anda mendapat berat badan yang anda inginkan dalam masa yang singkat


testimoni dari puan yuszura
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Yuszura Emerz
Gambar testimoni dari saya...tak banyak perubahan dari segi berat tapi byk perubahan dari inci... Sebelum Berat : 78Kg / Selepas berat :68Kg..
Dah ramai kekawan tegur saya, nampak da susut badan... Memang best la Apple Shape plus nie.... saya suka!!
First sekali terima kasih Jie sebab memperkenalkan produk Shape Plus ini kepada saya. Sebelum ini saya telah mencuba produk yang maha...l untuk menurunkan berat badan tapi masih tidak menampakkan kesan yang sebegini cepat.Memang berpuas hati dan harga pun berbaloi.. Semua yang berkenaan menjadi mantop!…..
Shape Plus tidak susah untuk diamalkan..tak perlu nak beriya-iya takut nak makan itu ini sebab secara tak sengaja kita tidak lalu makan dalam qty yg byk pun tapi jangan lupa minum air seperti yg disarankan.Ia juga minuman yang sedap dan mudah sekali untuk menyediakannya walau di mana saja anda berada.
Testimoni Sis Shaz
salam kak jie ...
 1st of all .. i wanna say .. SP mg superb ....caya laa ... b4 dis ..da byk gak try supplement2x , diet2x n even smpi g slimming centre doe ..jst bcOz na slim pnyer psal ...ermmm .. trun brt tu mg la trun .. tp .. hahhh ad tapinye tu y ta bpe na bkesan sgt laa .. da try produk byk da .. dri y mhal hingga la ke murah .. but result not so mberangsangkn .. sbnrye kn kak ... b4 dis ..i join slimworld tau .. ble di pkir2x blik .. mcm ta b,baloi... kilo tu mg la trn .. tp ..hahhh ad tp nye lg tau ... mhal siotttt .. hahaha ... pokai d btnye ...abs gak berribannnnnn di ctu .... agk sedih jgk kn .. na krus pnye psal .. ermmm ... redha jer ..i'm not saying that slimworld tu ta bgus .. bole tahan la ... tp bole tahan tok org2x y kayesssss(kaya) gtu ...memndangkan i ne ta bpe na kaye sgt kn kak ... so i've decided na crik alternatif lain tok loss weight lgik .. so 1 day tu .. i surf tenet pnyer surf .. jmpe web akak ... citer sal SP neh .. so i pn mcm TERpnggil na cube produk neh .. yelaaa .. da ternpk kn testimoni mrka2x y terdahulu mncuba SP neh ..
first tym tu .. mg agk was2x jgk la .. tkut na cuba .. yela ..bnda bru kte ta tau kn .. b4 dis mg ta pnh dgr pn produk neh alang2x kn.. if ta cuba ,,kte tatau kn btul ke tida bkesan produk neh... so i  bli 3 kotak dr akak ..spnjg consume an SP ni kak .. mg msok keluar tndas je kje i .. haha ..ta sngke jgk ek .. dlm smgu mcm tu ..da leh rs prbhn ..exspecialy bhgn pewot r ... so far i da loss 3 inci kt pwot .. brt lak b4 ambl SP is 62.2kg ,, but now hehehe .. 56KG suda ... btol2x giler r . mcm ta cye kn bleh trn pd angka "5" neh .. hahaha .. mg i ske sgt2x kak ... mak i pn ad tegur dlu ..time tu msh di awal pngambilan SP .. dy ckp .. muke i ad kecik cket ..hahaha .. yela .. muke i kn lebar kak oi .. hikhik ... dlm 2 mgu amek SP ni .. bju da leh pki saiz L da .. b4 ni . ermmm .. jgn hrp .. XL jer ..kuikui .. seluar plak ... mg pobem giler ... ta muat .. terlalu besar ...1 petanda y baik tu .. haha ta cyeee jer ... jeans i dlu mg ta pki da ... skrg sume suar legging jer .. wahhh .... best giler r kak .. teruja neh ...but ... bnda ni ta stop kt cni jer .. i have taget la kak .. i na loss another 11KG akn dtg ...iaitu 45KG ..memndangkn ketggian i 152cm jer .. 45KG tu adlah brt y plg ideal ... chaiyokkkkkk ....
neway na say thks to akak sb bg nsht2x bgune n bg y lyanan y bgos tok  i ek ..akak mg best ..spoting gtuw(bkn na mngampu ok ,,knyataan..hikhik) shape plus mg best lar .. lau la i jmpe awl dri dlu kn ..ta yh la i bzir beribu2x ringgit dlu .. huhuh ... ap2 pon .. SP mg the best !!!! keep it up .....

Shape Plus
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